About Us

Charter Oak Day School

“A Place Where Learning and Fun Come Together”

Established in 1968, Charter Oak Day School operates for the benefit of the parents and children of the community. We strive to assist parents in developing the child’s total personality by partnering with them to provide a teamwork to assess milestones of development and creating a development plan individual to the child. We believe in the uniqueness of each child and that he/she has the right to develop in the freedom of a wholesome environment.

Our philosophy is to motivate the child to achieve their fullest potential. We propose to help the child achieve this potential by developing competency in the basic skills with quality childhood experiences that will prepare him or her for life. Our role is to safeguard the children in the present and to prepare them for the future by focusing on a balance between Social, Emotional Development, Physical, Language and Expression and Intellectual skills.

The school supports the philosophies and techniques of the National Association for the Education of Young Children, an early childhood organization, headquarters in Washington, D.C. We are licensed by the Department of Social Service, Community Care Licensing Division, State of California (Title XXII),

As part of the school’s enrichment program and curriculum, music, art and a basic lesson in Christianity are presented as well as sense of patriotic values introduced.

Charter Oak Day School truly is where learning and fun come together.