How to Enroll Your Child to a Class?

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Charter Oak Daycare, Infant Care, Preschool, and Kindergarten

Established in 1968, Charter Oak Day School operates for​ ​the benefit of the parents and children of the community.​ ​We strive to assist parents in developing the child’s total​ ​personality by partnering with them to provide a​ ​teamwork to assess milestones of development and​ ​creating a development plan individual to the child. We​ ​believe in the uniqueness of each child and that he/she​ ​has the right to develop in the freedom of a wholesome​ ​environment.

Our philosophy is to motivate the child to achieve their​ ​fullest potential. We propose to help the child achieve this​ ​potential by developing competency in the basic skills with​ ​quality childhood experiences that will prepare him or her​ ​for life. Our role is to safeguard the children in the present​ ​and to prepare them for the future by focusing on a​ ​balance between Social, Emotional Development, Physical,​ ​Language and Expression and Intellectual skills.

Our Programs

Our philosophy is to motivate the child
to achieve their fullest potential.